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2018-11-04 10:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Find your next literary escape at Instagram's top rated libraries from around the world. (Photo: iStock)

A good book is like a portal into a whole new universe - allowing us to explore new avenues and live vicariously through the characters we love and even the ones we love to hate.

Having a library space that fosters that experience makes it all the more visceral and magical. While many films or people may associate libraries with the trope that it is a cold, quiet and restrictive environment - tucking into a good read in that quiet haven proves otherwise. 

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Not to mention the pool of architecturally wondrous libraries that exist in the world that fuels our library envy. These literary castles can also make us feel like the Belle of the ball should we be lucky enough to visit any of them. 

Wordery dug deep into the heart of Instagram to uncover the world's best and most beloved libraries. From glossy modern glass-sculpted buildings to floor to ceiling shelves that would earn a Disney stamp of approval - these libraries are pretty damn incredible and worth its glory on the 'Gram. 

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Check out the top 5 below:

1. Seattle Public Library Central Branch - Seattle, USA

The hashtag #seattlepubliclibrary was used 17 685 times.

seattle public library central branch

(Photo: Wordery / Supplied)

2. Bodleian Library - Oxford, UK

The hashtag #bodleianlibrary was used 16 068 times.

bodleian library

(Photo: Wordery / Supplied) 

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3. Vancouver Public Library - Vancouver, Canada

The hashtag #vancouverpubliclibrary was used 7 907 times.

vancouver public library

(Photo: Wordery / Supplied) 

4. Real Gabinete Português de Leitura - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The hashtag #realgabineteportuguesdeleitura was used 4 026 times. 

Real Gabinete Portugue^s de Leitura

(Photo: Wordery / Supplied) 

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5. The Public Library - Stuttgart, Germany

The hashtag #stadtbibliothekstuttgart was used 3 992 times.

Stuttgart germany The Public Library

(Photo: Wordery / Supplied) 

See Wordery's interactive map outlining the top 25 most Instagrammed libraries of the world here

Other interesting picks that had earned a spot on the top 25 list include:

  • The Library of Alexandria Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt, took spot number 7.
  • The Admont Abbey library in Admont, Austria, took spot number 12.

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  • The Strahov Monastery Library in Prague, Czech Republic, took spot number 14.
  • The Abbey Library in St Gallen, Switzerland, took spot number 15.
  • The Strahovska Knihovna library in Prague, Czech Republic, took spot number 17.

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  • The Cardiff Central Library in Cardiff, UK, took spot number 21.
  • The Royal Library of Denmark in Copenhagen, Denmark, took spot number 24.

See their full list of 40 of the world's best libraries here

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