Wetter summer, cooler temperatures - SA Weather Service seasonal forecast spells relief

2016-11-09 07:30 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Image: Chanté Petersen

Cape Town - South Africans can look forward to a much less intense summer season as first anticipated and compared to last year, when heat waves and a country-wide drought gripped SA. 

This is according to the South African Weather Service's amended seasonal forecast for the summer season of 2016/2017, released at the start of November this year.  

Despite the original seasonal forecast, released on 29 August 2016, the SA Weather Service says some of the dire weather forecasts have improved over the last few weeks. 

Not only is there an improved "certainty for the likelihood of a wetter early summer rainfall season in November, December and January this year," the SA Weather Service says. 

They are expecting "above-normal rainfall conditions for the early- and mid-summer season". 

The SA Weather Service also says "the initial prediction of higher than normal temperatures for the summer season will probably not be as high as initially expected. 

"We are carefully optimistic about better rainfall prospects in the summer rainfall areas for the summer season."

Regardless of the more positive forecast for SA, the recovery from the country's dire drought conditions is expected to be slow, and the current water shortages still persist with alarmingly low dam levels across the country. 

What does the amended seasonal forecast mean for South Africans? 

Currently, the situation is still delicate for all climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, water management, health and sanitation and more. These areas will still feel the effects - and after-effects - of the drought. 

As the country is already under water stress, the SA Weather Service stressed again that water needs to be used sparingly. 

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The South African Weather Service also urges South Africans to be mindful of perhaps our most valuable resource - water. "In a world that is increasingly affected by climate change and global warming," the SA Weather Service says they aim to boast with a "WeatherSMART nation" in South Africa. 

They say will continue to closely monitor the weather conditions, and consult relevant government departments and the National Disaster Management Centre if needed.

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