WATCH: Fiona the flatulent, baby hippo reminds us she is adorable

2017-11-27 19:00 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town – Fiona the adorable hippo of Cincinnati Zoo has given us another reason to love her – among the many. In a recent event she went viral for photobombing an engagement photo and her stardom has not stopped there.

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An underwater toot

Fiona’s antics have captured the hearts of many from her battle to live to her cute smiles and habits – even hitching a ride on her mother, Bibi.

Although it may embarrass us when we let one loose in the presence of others – Fiona didn’t seem too phased about it as she farted in front of guests at the zoo recently.

As the bubbles floated in the water, Fiona looked away shyly but continued to enjoy the time spent with her mother.

We have to admit that it is rather adorable and as one Instagram user commented “We have so much in common” – reminding us that although she may be a famous little hippo she is just like one of us. 

Other users reminded us that she is still a “little lady” and that her tooting away will not change her status of fame but even heighten it.

The footage was captured by Cincinnati Zoo.  


In another gas bubble incident that took place on 16 November – she recently dove to the underground surface with the grace of her little bum burp following after her.

Yes, we think Fiona can make anything cute! ???? #teamfiona

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Fiona's fight to live

According to the Telegraph, Fiona was the first Nile born hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo in 75 years. Fiona was born in January 2017 and 6 weeks premature. 

National Geographic indicates that baby hippos should weigh up to 43 kgs at birth but since Fiona was born six months premature and half the normal size of a calf - it was a group effort to get her health into tip-top shape.

She had to fight to live from the day that she was born and with her increasing her weight to 259 kgs as of November 2017 it is a huge relief for her caretakers.  

Fiona seems to be moving onward and upward even with the help of a little gas.

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