#ShockWildlifeTruths: Captive bred lions for canned hunting exposed

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Cape Town - The canned lion hunting industry is a major concern globally and the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) and Blood Lions have released a new short film to create awareness about the welfare of captive bred lions and other predators in South Africa. 

In the 3-minute long footage, NSPCA and Blood Lions condemn the growing trend of captive lion facilities that exploit lions for their monetary gain. 

The award-winning documentary and campaign gave the canned hunting, predator breeding and cub petting global exposure in a number of awareness films, while the NSPCA has dedicated Wildlife Unit to check and monitor these predator farms regularly.

"The biggest problem in South Africa, is that we are now starting to farm wild animals," says NSPCA Wildlife Unit spokesperson, Ainsley Hay. "Some people think that the number is 160 land farms but we actually think that there is a lot more. They may say that they are a zoo or a captive display facility, they [are] also breeding predators on the side lines."