PICS: New baby hippo in Aquila Game Reserve likes to hide behind its mama

2018-03-17 12:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Aquila Private Game Reserve

Cape Town - The Aquila Private Game Reserve discovered a new baby hippo and it's quite cute once you look past its protective mother's massive teeth!

The reserve's anti-poaching unit and conservationists found last Saturday morning that one of the resident hippos gave birth. They will be checking up on it periodically, a welcome addition to Aquila which had a couple of rhino births in December last year.

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The Big 5 conservancy sees this birth as making an important contribution to conservation of these big water cows and that more people may respect and understand these animals.

"We hope guests will see this adorable hippo calf on their Big 5 safari and be inspired to take action to protect them in the wild,” says Memory Khumalo, head ranger at Aquila.

Hippos are born underwater and can weigh up to 50kg. Female babies are introduced to the pod right after birth, but males get a bit of a cold shoulder until they are three months old. For the first 18 months of their lives, the baby remains in the water, suckling their mother on both land and in water.

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See if you can spot the baby:

Aquila Private Game Reserve

Aquila Private Game Reserve