#EcoTravels: 7 Cleanest cities for 'highest quality of life'

2017-07-05 19:00 - Kavitha Pillay
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Cape Town – With a strong shift towards sustainable living, it’s no wonder that more people choose to relocate to and visit the most eco-friendly cities around the world.

From ensuring that airlines and airports meet the standards for being environmentally responsible, to attending events and outings that encourage a green lifestyle, it’s refreshingly pleasing to know that travellers are increasingly opting for #EcoTravel habits.

Deutsche Bank recently released its annual "Mapping the world's prices" report that catalogues the cost of goods and services in a cross section of the world's biggest and most powerful cities.

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Deutsche Bank included a ranking of the quality of life in 47 cities around the world. This ranking is based on eight sub-indexes compiled by crowd-sourced information database Numbeo, which creates a broad picture of what it is like to live in different cities.

The indexes are: Purchasing Power, Safety, Health Care, Cost of Living, Property Price to Income Ratio, Traffic Commute Time, Pollution, and Climate.

While the cities that rank highly are mostly in the northern hemisphere - in developed western economies – Cape Town and Johannesburg made the cut.  

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At number 25 on the list, Johannesburg finished top of the property price to income ratio ranking that helped push the city to a relatively high position on the list.

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Meanwhile, Cape Town comes in at number 17 thanks to top five scores in both climate and property prices.

Last year, according to the annual Mercer report which ranks cities around the world based on the quality of life they offer residents, the East Coast's Durban ranked as the top SA city offering the highest quality of life

Here are 7 places around the world offering the highest quality of life, based on their low levels of pollution:

Oslo, Norway

At number 26 on the list, Norway's capital makes this list thanks to strong scores in the pollution category, where it was 10th overall, and purchasing power, where it was 15th.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic cities are renowned for their quality of life and Stockholm is no exception, coming in at 20 on the list. The city is incredibly clean, finishing 5th in the pollution index.

Ottawa, Canada

At number 7 on Deutsche Bank’s list, Canada's capital also has its best quality of life, finishing 4th overall in purchasing power, property price to income ratio, and pollution.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, at number 6, often features near the top of quality of life rankings. It is the 5th safest city on the list, and the 8th least polluted.

Zurich, Switzerland

At 5, Switzerland is often considered a utopia, and Zurich's rank on this list helps hold this reputation. Zurich was top of the purchasing power index, and 2nd in both safety and pollution indexes.


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Edinburgh, UK

Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh might not be as big as London but it is much more liveable. It comes in at number 2 on the list, with the best traffic commute time of any city, the 2nd best health care ranking, and the 3rd best pollution score.

Wellington, New Zealand

Officially the city with the world's highest quality of life, according to Deutsche Bank, New Zealand's capital has the least pollution of any city ranked, and finished in the top ten in four other categories.

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