6 Tips to get your kids to stop fighting in the car

2019-09-23 13:30 - Louzel Lombard
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Hand’s up if you and your siblings ever got a hiding from your folks for misbehaving in the car on your way to a holiday destination… 

Yup, that’s all of us. 

If you love road trips, but loath having the kids fight like Tom and Jerry on the back seat, this should be your guide to having peace of mind.

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1. Be prepared 

Pack the iPods, iPads, books and toys. If you prepare for the worst, chances are things will go much smoother than you thought. 

2. Play fun games

Remember ‘I spy’ and ‘Car cricket’? Carry forth the nostalgic road trip memories and play a round with your kids. 

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3. Use the GPS 

Do you really need the extra stress of navigating the road and the risk of getting lost? No. No you don’t. 

4. Cut down on sugar – all of you

Sugar can make you agitated, and even more so your children. Limit snacks to wholesome, natural options or else you’ll have the kids bouncing off the car windows!

5. Create expectations and use the opportunity to teach (and learn) 

Do research about the area you’re going to drive through and tell the kids about exciting places before the trip, so they can look forward to seeing them. You might even learn something too. 

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6. Get in the car with the right attitude 

It’s a road trip, for heaven’s sake. Take the whole day, make frequent stops and enjoy the time spent with your family. 

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