Top 4 Business Class lounges at OR Tambo and what makes them cool

2017-09-12 09:35 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - It's no secret that most time airports can be hotbeds of stress even for the calmest of travellers.

Whether it's being held up by security, lugging around heavy bags while trying to find a resting bench. But there are a select few that actually look forward to being in transit, with business lounges actually making this the best part of any trip.

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Airport lounges across the globe are constantly upping their game to push the pinnacle of luxury offerings higher and higher to include luxury spas, cigar bars, champagne club rooms and vertical gardens.

Here we take a look inside the top 4 local business class lounges - voted best for the business travellers in the Business Traveler Africa Awards 2017 - and what makes them cool.

This year’s Business Traveler Africa Conference & Awards is the 6th annual event.  It is an initiative of the Future Group, held in association with Business Traveler Africa magazine.  Nominations are sourced from various travel bodies and, this year, a board of experienced travel professionals was involved in the selection of the winners.

Emirates, ORTIA – International

Exclusive to all Emirates Premium Class passengers and Gold Skywards members, the Emirates business lounge features luxurious leather seating, shower facilities, a wide selection of food and beverages and attentive service, and is designed to ensure that premium passengers enjoy the perfect start to their journey.

(Picture: Emirates lounge)

Fine dining is another signature of the Emirates Business Class offering. Dishes include lobster and tuna, herb-marinated chicken breast pan-fried in a bobotie sauce and praline log with mandarin sauce.

Emirates also offers a route-specific wine list, featuring some of the best champagnes - all kinds of Moët range, red and white wines and ports from around the world.

To ensure a relaxed journey in the air, as well as on the ground, a complimentary Chauffeur-drive service to and from the airport is available for Business Class passengers.

(Picture: Emirates lounge)

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SAA Baobab, ORTIA – International

SAA’s flagship departures lounge is said to rival some of the best international airline lounges in the world.

Situated on the Mezzanine floor of the international departures terminal after passport control on the way to the A Gate, the lounge can be accessed via the stairs, escalator or elevator.

(Picture: SAA lounge)

With new a design offering a "dramatic change" from the previous look and feel, the lounge remains true to SAA’s uniquely South African heritage and African roots. 

The area unites luxury, modernity, and practicality with a touch of African opulence, which is evident in the fittings, furniture, and other finishes.

Other luxuries include chaises longue, indulgent and convenient rainfall showers, an enclosed smoker’s lounge, an audio-visual entertainment room, free Wi-Fi, built-in private entertainment screens and a brightly decorated children’s area.

 (Picture: SAA lounge)

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Virgin Atlantic, ORTIA – International

Virgin Atlantic says it is all about signature ‘upper class’ service – offering the travellers complete comfort and convenience.

From the chauffeur drive to the clubhouse at OR Tambo with waiter service, office amenities, relaxation centres and premium food and beverages on hand to prepare you before your flight.

(Picture: Virgin Atlantic)

Each suite is equipped with power supplies and an ottoman that functions both as a footrest or additional chair should you wish to invite a guest for dinner. The stylish on-board bar provides a meeting place for all upper-class passengers to relax and enjoy a premium whiskey.

Cowshed Spa products are on hand to ensure you’re revitalised and relaxed during your flight and private refreshing suites are available at your arrival destination should you wish to freshen up before leaving the airport.

(Picture: Virgin Atlantic)

SLOW Lounge, ORTIA – International

British Airways/Comair's SLOW Lounge is a space that affords even the busiest people an opportunity to slow down and escape the ticking clocks of business and travel, even if only for a moment.

Business travellers to make the most of their transit by being able to work productively while enjoying a snack or they can opt to simply relax.

(Picture: SLOW lounge)

Its popular appeal includes luxurious furniture, beautiful chandeliers and amazing artwork creating a unique and stylish "home away from home" feel, to intimate dining in private booths with full waiter service, private spa treatment

Other luxuries include wine tasting from a monthly selection of the finest South African wines, a living library, private meeting spaces and business facilities.

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