#WorldRangerDay 2017: SANParks salutes rangers who risk their lives to save our heritage

2017-07-31 07:18 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - South African rangers fight the battle to preserve our environment daily. They face poachers in the field and are passionate about the bush they risk their lives for, engaging in a constant battles to protect our wildlife heritage.

To celebrate SANParks will be hosting events to celebrate World Ranger Day. Annual World Ranger Day is celebrated on 31 July. The celebrations are to commemorate the rangers that have died on duty and those that risk their lives daily as they work on the front line of conservation both of wildlife and cultural treasures. 

The first world Ranger day took place in 2007 and has become an annual celebration in order to pause and think of those that are key players in the field of nature conservation across the world. 

Rangers of South Africa

On 31 July 2017, the Cape region will be hosting the 'Ranger Core' which are members of the ranger teams distributed along the 5 different national parks. During their time in the Cape Region of SANParks they will be showcasing their vital work in environmental campaigns and educational mechanisms.

The event will be held at the West Coast National Park - the Rangers have invited you to join in on celebrating the life of the Ranger Core.

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This is an opportunity for all South Africans who love the bush to become involved within the natural heritage and to engage with society to better develop conservation efforts. 

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Thousands of tourists annually flock to South Africa - to see our natural heritage and experience the life that exists in the African bush, fauna and flora - much of this is owing to the extraordinary work that rangers do to ensure our natural heritage and that our parks stay as beautiful as they are.

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The International Ranger Fund established this auspicious day for Rangers as a commemoration of the fund's 15th anniversary. World Ranger Day is promoted by the IRF member associations such as The Thin Green Line Foundation as well as those who are supporters of rangers and the IRF. 

Ranger Organizations 

Regionally - the Game Rangers Association of Africa, is  non-profit member association of the IRF founded in 1970 to focus on creating a network of Rangers that are dedicated to conserving the natural heritage.

It believes that in order to grow and continue the natural habitat and heritage of Africa - there needs to be a harmony between Rangers, external support and productive training. 

Iconic conservationist Jane Morris Goodall has a message for World Ranger Day - renowned for her modern findings on Primates, she stands at the head of the conservation and natural ecology community. 

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