WATCH: Waterbuck gets to live another day after escaping crocodile

2019-05-22 06:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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A waterbuck had to fight for his life after being caught up in the deathly jaws of a crocodile in Kruger National Park.

The struggle for survival was captured by retiree Mike Johnson next to a dam between Skukuza and Satara.

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“We were driving towards Satara and stopped at the dam to have a look. There was a splash at the far end of the dam. Thinking it was a hippo, we did not pay much attention to it at first, but when a group of waterbuck appeared seemingly agitated, and we saw that one was struggling with something, I attached a 500mm lens to my camera to get a better look what was happening.

"Through the lens, I saw it was a crocodile that had been dragged out of the water by a waterbuck, away from where I assumed it was caught, and that the crocodile was trying to pull the buck back into the water.

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"As the waterbuck tired, the crocodile managed to pull it back to the water’s edge, where the buck lay still for a while. After a short breather, the waterbuck then made a break for it when the crocodile changed its grip. The buck managed to hobble away, but had a broken front leg. We stayed for a while to watch the other waterbuck checking out what had gone on."

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