WATCH: Wading elephant charges and rocks safari boat in Botswana

2018-12-16 18:00
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Elephant sightings are precious in the wild, but this latest sighting in Botswana is quite the close encounter.

Su-An Marais shared with how her most recent safari experience more than rocked her boat. 

Marais and her fellow safari-goers got lucky on a boat trek across the Chobe river in Botswana, when they spotted an elephant bathing.

However, the boat had gotten a little too close for the ellie's comfort.

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The elephant swiftly took charge of his frustrations by moving toward the boat at a fast pace.

It gave it a knock about with its tusks until the boat retreated a far enough distance away.

Marais recalled wanting to merely film the peacefully grazing animal when she had managed to capture the sudden and brief charge. 

"So I decided to take a video so I could record the plucking, chewing and breathing sounds to prove later how close we really were... but clearly it was too close for comfort. Luckily I was already recording, because the charge happened so fast that I wouldn't have been able to get my camera out on time for the action," Marais said.

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Upon reflecting, Marais said that she's learnt three key things from the experience:

  • Be alert. One can see the anger in the elephant's eyes just before charging.
  • Never underestimate the mobility of an elephant in the water. "The river was in full flood so the boats have excellent access during a safari, but so do the elephants. Adult 'good-swimmer' elephants could easily immerse themselves completely under the water and suddenly surprise you when they resurface... or given our experience even charge in deep water!"
  • Give the bloke some privacy. "I realise the sounds and boats in close proximity must have irritated the elephant, because there were a few boats surrounding the elephant, but ours was by far the closest."

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