WATCH: Three-legged hyena chased by lioness

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Latest Sightings shared a video of a three-legged hyena getting chased by the lioness who bit off its leg in the first place.  

The video was submitted by tour guide Nelson Cruz, who caught the aftermath of a hyena trying to snatch a lion cub from its mother, and instead lost its leg. The hyena also managed to get a few bites in. In the video, the now three-legged hyena wanders into the lioness again, and is chased to a watering hole.

Cruz told Latest Sightings that in the end the lioness had killed the doomed hyena, which was later devoured by her pride. "It was just an amazing and spectacular sighting because of the natural turn of events. One could never have anticipated how things would have played out. That’s why I love nature so much, it always has the ability to stop you in your tracks," says Cruz.