WATCH: This warthog might just beat Caster after bolting from seven sneaky lions

2019-05-08 10:30
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An oblivious warthog managed to escape the jaws of death with some Bolt-level manoeuvres.

Going for a chilled walk and drink at a pool, this warthog had no idea that a pride of lions was eyeing it for a meal.

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The escape from death was captured on video by US writer Dana Atkinson and shared by Latest Sightings

“Only four kilometres north of Tshokwane, where there are two dirt short loops overlooking the now dry river bed, one car was stopped on the first loop. Interested in what they were looking at but not wanting to disturb them, I pulled into the second one to give them privacy and turned off my car.  Soon I noticed seven lions on the bank across the river bed.

"Since they weren’t doing anything but sleeping and laying around many people came, took pictures and left. I stayed because through my binoculars I could see the lioness in the front was watching left and right down the river bed with great intent and I knew if she saw something she was going to begin a hunt.

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"I sat there for over an hour until finally, it was just me and one other car. What kept me there, as I watched the pride through the binoculars was the lion in the front. All of the other cats were flat cats; sound asleep. But not this one. She was alert and watching the riverbed.

"She’d look one way down the riverbed for a while then the other way. I knew she was on the hunt and should anything wander by, there would be action. After about an hour, with only me and one other car there, the lioness perked up, eyeballing my side of the bank. I saw the warthog and started filming. 

"I won’t spoil the ending of the video for you except to say I bet this warthog soiled himself. I know I almost did as you can tell from my excellent narration.

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