WATCH: Sylvester, the notorious escape-artist lion, is now a daddy

2018-09-14 09:08
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Sylvester the notorious escape-artist lion, has be

(Gerhard de Lange, Facebook)

Sylvester, who was nearly killed by wildlife officials after he escaped twice from  the Addo National Park, is now a father.  

Lodge manager Gerhard de Lange of Kuzuko Lodge in the Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape, says he now has two cubs and that the mother, named Angel, gave birth in mid-June.

De Lange of Kuzuko Lodge said in a statement Thursday that the cubs are "fit and healthy."

Sylvester was moved in 2016 to Addo after breakouts from Karoo National Park.

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In the first escape, the lion was on the run for over three weeks, killing livestock and raising concerns about threats to people.

During the second, three-day escape, wildlife officials dropped plans to kill Sylvester after an outcry from people who said he should be captured and relocated.

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