WATCH: SA's NatGeo adventurer shares what it's like to have a hippo flip your boat

2016-06-10 16:30 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - Local South African and National Geographic's very own Wilderness Protector Steve Boyes is dedicated to the preservation of the Okavango Delta, the last Wetland Wilderness in Africa.

In 2015, Steve and his brother, Chris Boyes, led an expedition over 2 414 kilometres down the length of the Okavango River - Bringing together expedition, science, and documentary teams, in a rather extraordinary effort, described by NatGeo as an "unprecedented international conservation effort that would ensure the preservation of the entire Okavango catchment".  

But Steve Boyes remembers when he made a mistake and didn’t recognize a hippo in the reeds.  “We were going as fast as we could down the Cuito River, covering good ground. I heard my brother shout from the back, ‘There's something big coming through the reeds! The reeds are moving! Reeds!’ I had seen crocodiles earlier that morning, and I thought it was a crocodile.”

Because he thought it was a crocodile, he aimed to give it a wide berth and went off into the deep water. “In the deep water, as soon as I was there, there was a swirl on the right-hand side, and I started thinking, Now, crocs don't really do that. Steve shared his story with Traveller24 in last year - but the experience has once again been brought to life with this NatGeo Expedition Raw video below - take a look.

Together with his 35-person team of explorers and scientists, the 120 day expedition to the Okavango Delta has helped create a growing record of data allowing them to document Botswana's UNESCO World Heritage Site, officially recognised in 2014 - you can check it out here -

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