WATCH: Mongoose refuses to be lion cubs' chew toy

2018-12-09 18:00
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While the young lions seem to be enjoying themselves, the mongoose is not having too much fun.

Caught on video in Kenya by Mahendra Jain and shared by Latest Sightings, Jain spotted the cubs around a bushy mound and stopped to see what they were doing.

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"Seconds later, shrill screams could be heard filling the air and I could see that one of the cubs had managed to capture a mongoose," Jain told Latest Sightings.

"The mongoose was most distraught and decided to put up the fight of its life. This little one was determined not to become anyone’s dinner, never mind chew-toy. Whilst warding off its enemy, the mongoose managed to get his lucky break and ran over to another mound giving himself an opportunity to half fly into one of the burrow openings."

Mongooses are known for their braveness and incidents of these wily critters taking on massive animals have been well-documented.

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