WATCH: Kruger tourists treated to front-row lion hunt of kudu

2019-08-07 12:00
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This is the heart-stopping moment a group of tourists following a male lion in the middle of the road witnessed a spectacular kill right in front of them!

This sighting was reported to in real-time and they've managed to get the incredible footage from different angles!

Liana Bierman, who was the first on the scene says, "We were a bit lazy getting up that morning. We would have left at 6am, but didn’t, and I was so irritated! I even told my husband ‘there goes our last chance of seeing lions before we leave!’”

“But, we turned a corner on our way to Lower Sabie and a male lion had just stepped into the road in front of us! It was busy patrolling its territory. We ended upfollowing him for around 2-3km.

"But we thought we would only follow him for around 500m where he would then lay down! This was the last thing we expected would happen."

Nicole Tobias, 34-year-old designer and insurance administrator, was also able to capture the lion starting the chase. She shares the story from her and her family’s perspective.

“My husband, daughter and I were driving on the tar road from Skukuza to Lower Sabie on the 29th of July 2019 after entering the park as early as we could, to see what we could find. Even though we had already had a beautiful rhino sighting, with elephants, various giraffe and antelope, our little girl was dying to see a lion (after recently watching Madagascar at The People’s Theatre at the JoburgTheatre). ”

“We promised her we were looking hard for one. We drove around the corner to a parade of cars crawling towards us on both sides of the roads and immediately knew something was up.

"In an instant, we'd spotted this beautiful male tracking towards us. We were so excited to show our little one what she’d been looking for!”

“We did not expect a hunt to take place at all! It was a lone male, it was broad daylight, the male lion didn’t appear to be hunting and the kudu didn’t appear to be nervous. We seriously just thought we were about to get an up-close lion sighting...”

“He tracked closer and closer until he noticed the kudu and slowly broke into a jog, and the immediate killer focus on his face is something I don’t think my husband nor I will ever forget- it was electric!"

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