WATCH: Hippo saves baby impala from drowning into the jaws of a wild dog

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Some animals are just super unlucky.

An encounter between a hippo, impala calf and a wild dog at a watering hole in Kruger National Park was filmed by safari guide Arun Rao and shared by Latest Sighting. Rao and some guests were following a pack of wild dogs when they spotted the lonesome impala.

"One of the guests caught sight of a wild dog who started to give chase to the impala. The impala ran straight into the waterhole and crazily enough, the hippos tried rescuing it by pushing it out of the water again," says Rao.

"Once the impala was out, the wild dog immediately gave chase again and was fortunate enough to have caught the impala and began eating it. It ate for a few minutes and then ran off. After that a load of vultures zoomed down onto the carcass to indulge in the meal."