WATCH | From a lion family-outing to the 'beach' to the ultimate rhino charge

2019-12-12 04:45
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Relaxing in the bush is always a nice idea. Though, there has been some intense moments in the bush this year as well. From 'road rage' to an elephant grazing atop a hotel roof, wildlife has certainly showed us that it will always make up its own, always-unpredictable, mind. 

Here are some of the best moments captured by game rangers and tourists, this year: 

1. WATCH: Annoyed buffalo rams itself into a car, lifting it off the ground, in a fit of road rage

Road rage can get the better of most of us, and in South Africa even our animals can see red on the roads through game reserves and national parks. In one particular incident however, a buffalo took matters into his own... horns... when a car tried to push itself past it. 

2. WATCH: Kruger lions enjoy what looks like a family-day frolic in the Sand River 

Cats in general, especially African lions, are known to hate the water. For this pride, it seemed like a fun day out for the family. Mike Kirkman, a 37-year-old head ranger in Mala Mala Game Reserve in Greater Kruger, captured this family-outing to the Sand River on Mala Mala. 

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3. WATCH: The tense standoff between a pack of wild dogs and a hyena protecting its den

A mama protecting its young - this brave display of motherhood was captured on video when a hyena was telling a pack of wild dogs - 17 in total - to stay away from its den. 

4. WATCH: Terrifying! Safari vehicle dashes through bush to escape white rhino's relentless charge 

There's terror. And then there's this. It is completely not normal! Black rhinos if anything are more aggressive, so the fact that a white rhino did this is even more unusual. 

Wow, guys. This was probably the most intense moment of the year. 

5. WATCH: Clever leopard rolls over in submission to escape pride of lions

This was such a nerve-wracking moment caught on camera when a male leopard found himself surrounded by a pride of lions in the Kruger National Park.

6. WATCH | Cheeky Sabi Sabi elephant grazes on tree from resort roof 

Forget about a cat on a hot tin roof - why not try an elephant for size? This video certainly had people talking this year...

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7. WATCH | Baby nyala goes head to head with a leopard in incredibly rare showdown 

Perhaps the most beautifully shot video of the year, this baba showed Herculian courage during this David and Goliath-esque encounter: 

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