WATCH: Baby Addo elephant is thrown through the air by angry bull

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Cape Town - Addo Elephant National Park provides the crème de la crème of elephant viewing opportunities in SA as travellers are always guaranteed of seeing the World's largest land animals roam freely in this Eastern Cape hotspot.

But while elephants are typically associated with slow, graceful movements and gentle characters, one group of travellers recently got a view of what ill-tempered elephants are capable of. 

New video footage published by Caters News Agency shows an elephant bull picking up a tiny calf with its trunk, and tossing it to one side like an old rag! 

The tiny calf can be heard squealing desperately, as the bull shoves it out of his way. It seems, however, that the massive male tries to help the calf upright again, but his robust movements - and the little ones' instability - causes the baby to fall down again. 

An elephant cow can be seen rushing towards the little calf to help, but soon hurries on with the elephant bull in tow. 

A few minutes later, the bull picks up and throws the calf to the ground again, after which the little one is taken into shelter between two elephant cows walking beside the bull.