WATCH | A Kruger good morning! This roaring pride of lions will give you goosebumps

2019-10-16 04:45
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Good morning! This wildlife video will have you roaring for the day ahead in no time.

Shared by German tourist Mareiike Bouvie, a 27-year-old, after she recently spent four days in the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga. 

"You need to listen to this with the sound on," says Mareiike. She says the roaring went on for ages, describing how it gave her goose bumps all over. The scene played out close to Malelane Gate.  

"It was the most intense feeling standing (well not literally, she was in a car) next to these guys at 5:30 in the morning."

But this was not the only incredible scene she experienced that day.

"I saw everything and was so blessed with what I saw. So many leopards and lions... a hyena sighting with wild dogs and the ellies and rhinos at one spot."

For Mareiike her love of nature and wildlife began in her early twenties when she did volunteer work.

"Now I just wanted to do adventures on my own. It is fantastic. You learn so much about yourself and grow with it."

But Mareiike says the past four-day experience won't be her last - with plans to visit Kruger very soon already hatching.  

And if there is one piece of advice she could offer would-be solo, safari travellers it is to "experience the park on your own, it won't disappoint you at all".

"Go and rent a car and be open to do this on your own," she says. 

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