If these animals don't make you LOL, nothing will

2017-11-08 18:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - Need a good laugh after a long day staring at your office walls? These animals will remind you why Nature can sometimes be the best comedian around.

Anyone can get a funny picture of their dog doing their own impression of catching a ball, but these photographers managed to capture a wild animal in their most hilarious moment for the world to see. 

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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards just closed entries for 2017, and will announce the lucky winner later this month. The lucky winner receives a photo safari trip to Kenya, where their Instagram and photography profile will be lit with local wildlife.

Some animals get caught mid-yawn, others throwing a tantrum or taking a wrong step. Some animals are just funny due to unfortunate genetics, but we still love them.

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These three animals definitely indicate the stages of having a night out and the consequences the next morning.

This turtle had no chill for this fish in his way.

This penguin is having a serious think about his life choices. At least his friend is there for support.

"Goodness Carl, get it together!"

That look when someone tries to take one of your fries.

Clearly owls are the clowns of the animal world.

Last year's entries were just as great, including an array of bears that seem to channel their inner human.

Honestly animals are just the best at making us laugh.

Have you got any spectacularly hilarious wildlife shots of your own? Send them to us at info@traveller24.com.

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