The Complete ‘Bundu-Bashing’ Menu for the serious adventure-loving family

2015-07-14 09:17 - Louzel Lombard
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Winter time is the best time to gather the whole family and head out on a ‘boendoe-bashing’ adventure into the bush. 

We’re not talking small stuff here. We’re talking boundary-crossing, 4x4 driving, weeklong adventures into nomansland, where you’ll have to pack and take along everything you need or learn to deal without it… 

We’ve already established the importance of eating well on your camping or bush experience – every other experience depends on it, really. 

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Luckily, most of the well-kitted boendoe-bashing trailers and vehicles have portable, battery operated freezers installed, so you’ll be able to take meat – a boendoe-bashing essential – along. 

So, in light of this important role food plays in keeping good spirits alive, and encouraging family bonding – here is the complete Traveller24 boendoe-bashing menu guaranteed to get you through the most off-road adventures of them all. 

Because summer, holidays and load shedding - skottel time!

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It’s best to serve only a brunch and a large evening/late afternoon meal, rather than three conventional meals. 

Pack coffee and rusks for the early mornings and then only make brunch once you’ve reached another scenic spot on your journey, or once you’re back from a morning hike or outdoor adventure. 

Use our fail-proof menu outline to feed the hungry lot: 

(This menu chart is merely an outline of the route to follow. Please feel free to swop meals and add/remove ingredients according to your family’s specifications.) 

*Traveller24 tip: For meals like the oxtail  and curry (mentioned above), prepare the vegetables beforehand by cleaning, cutting and then freezing them in ziplock bags. This way you won’t have to worry about veggies going bad, or having to peel and cut veg on the trip. Plus, they’ll taste as fresh as the day you brought them once cooked with the stews. 

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Packing for success

Before you head out on your adventure, you need to plan and pack. If you’re well prepared, nothing will be able to spoil this good experience. 

It’s essential you pack the right equipment for an adventure like this, because once it’s left behind, it left behind for good. 

Your cooking equipment essentials include:
Old Newspapers 
Gas (for those places where you’re not allowed to make a fire) 
Gas cooker aka ‘skottelbraai’ (perfect for brunch)
Tin foil 
Wood (if you’re heading to a destinations where you won’t be able to find this naturally) 

Dry storage ingredients to pack:
Condiments (Tomato sauce, chili sauce, chutneys, mayonnaise) 
Jams and Honey
Baking Powder/Dry Yeast 
Coffee and Tea
Long-life milk
Cremora (nothing like a cup of cremora coffee to get you into the camping spirit!)
Canned products 
Vegetables that don’t need to go in the fridge (Pumpkins; Butternut; Onions; Potatoes etc.) 
Sealed salads (eg beetroot salad) 
Snacks for the car (Dried fruits; Nuts; Biltong; Chocolates etc.)  

Traveller24 Tip: For the best camping dessert in the whole world, take whole bananas (still in their peel), make an incision in the middle and stuff them with chocolate before carefully grilling them on the braai... YUM

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In the fridge:
Avocados (unless they still needs to ripen) 
Opened milk 

In the freezer:
Prepared vegetables (portioned correctly for the meals they are to be used in, frozen in ziplock bags) 
All meat
Prepared sauces 
Garlic bread 

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* NB: Most countries bordering on South Africa have rules regarding the transportation of meat, and especially, pork. Although the border posts aren’t fussy about seal, vacuum packed portions of smoked pork (bacon), do consider yourself warned. Rather consult the various border posts you’re crossing beforehand to avoid having your bacon confiscated. 

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