2018's Goriest wildlife sightings (Warning: Not for the fainthearted)

2018-12-14 06:30
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South Africa is a safari and bush-lover's playground. There is no denying that. Nor can we deny the reality that is the circle of life as predator and the hunted take their rightful place. 

While 2018 served up a hearty helping of animal cuteness, see more of it here - there were also these sightings, gory and vicious - that often left the person filming it feeling like they wanted to intervene but knowing better as nature takes its course.  

If you're not overly sensitive - watch on, but be warned these sightings are not for the fainthearted. 

WATCH: Cheetahs and Hyenas Eat Impala Alive! 

Sometimes, nature can seem so cruel. But animals need to survive. This sighting of the cheetah and hyena eating the impala is the epitome of this. Alistair Leuner, 33-year-old general manager at Tintswalo Safari Lodge in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, filmed this incredible sighting while out on drive with some guests.

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WATCH: Hyenas snag warthog kill from lions

What seemed to be a calm morning turned into a multi-species battle to eat - and not be eaten. To the amazement of the onlookers, in the midst of the chaotic hunt, the lions had managed to catch a panicked warthog. The warthog began fighting and screaming and continued fighting for about fifteen minutes. 

WATCH: Vultures And Marabou Storks Feast On Hyena Carcass 

You've probably seen vultures and other birds of prey feast and carcasses of herbivores, but have you ever seen them eat the carcass of a hyena? This scavenger became the scavenged when a wake of white-backed vultures and marabou storks descended upon the dead hyena, which had been killed by another unknown predator the day before in Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve.

WATCH: Hawk Effortlessly Pulls Baby Bird’s Head Right Off Its Body 

It's no secret that a trip to Kruger National Park is guaranteed to be filled with wildlife spottings, some of which are cringe-worthy as seen from this Latestsightings video. In the video taken by Juan Geyser who was on holiday in the at the park with his wife, an African Harrier Hawk was caught raiding a weaver’s nest to steal one of the chicks as an easy meal.  

WATCH: Lions take down roan in epic battle  

Talk about an epic showdown! In this video two lionesses take down a stag roan in a battle that will take you on an emotional roller-coaster. While on safari in the stunning Okavango Delta, lucky visitor, Sandro Geyser, director of operations at the IntegriSure Group of companies, got to capture quite the dramatic and emotional fight. 

WATCH: Unsuspecting warthog finds itself in hot water with a pack of wild dogs 

It's no secret a pack of wild dogs can be vicious hunters, and this video reinforces that stereotype as an unsuspecting warthog finds itself in hot water. Captured by Private Safari Guide, Rudi Venter (31), he says the warthog ran into the water for protection but this didn't help. In the video you can see how the wild dogs grab hold of the warthog and start pulling him out of the water. Venter explains that it seems like the adult dogs appear to give it onto the younger dogs to practice their skills. 

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