Hop to it: How to save on peak-season travel costs

2018-02-24 14:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Cape Town - It's no surprise that the cost of travel hops up a notch around the holidays and you end up having to dig deeper into your purse.

Travel rates can be a burden on many and it's definitely a stress we'd all like to avoid this Easter. 

There is a fine line between booking too early and too late that people tread. If you book too early or too late you risk spending more than you bargained. Booking at the right time - the grey area between too early and too late can save you and your family a lot of headaches and money.

Whether you're looking to get away with your family - or from your family - or just enjoy spending the Easter period away from the routine of home life, here are the best times to book your travels for the holidays to avoid the price hike.

For popular holidays and destinations

Always keep in mind the demand for certain holiday seasons and specific travel destinations.

The more popular destinations, like Thailand or Bali, and holiday seasons, like Christmas or New Year's Eve, tend to book out faster or face a steep incline in ticket rates closer to the trip date. Save yourself both stress and money by making sure you book at least about a month or two in advance. 

For other holidays and general travelling

Even for the less popular travel destinations, holiday seasons or local travel, the longer you wait to book, the higher the rates climb.

While many tend to overlook local or smaller trips, they too increase in price the closer you book to your trip. To ensure a painless travelling experience, be sure to book your travel at least three weeks in advance. 

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How best to book?

When booking your tickets, if you aren't in the mood for queues and the stress of in-person booking, many, if not all, travel outlets offer online booking.

This makes early bookings a breeze which you can do on your coffee break, in between meetings or just on the go. It's that easy to be ahead of the game!

Whether you're travelling by bus, train or airplane, travel rates are notoriously known to spike over the holidays, so hop to it and save some coin this Easter and every other holiday too!

Save yourself worries and plan your trip: