WATCH | Orcas attack great white off the coast of Knysna

2020-02-07 11:37
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Great whites might think they're the top of the food chain, but orcas beg to differ. 

In an amazing video shared by tour guide Donavan Smith, a great white was trapped by a two orcas, which Smith says in the video is hunting it. 

PICS: Where are SA's great white sharks? Right here, says Marine Dynamics

It took place just off the coast of Knysna while Smith was giving a tour.

Orcas are known to target sharks - they like to munch on their livers - and the increased sightings of these killer whales in recent years is theorised to have led to a decrease in great white sightings in Cape Town's False Bay.

However, according to Marine Dynamics in Gansbaai the numbers have picked up again in the region.

Compiled by Gabi Zietsman.