Economy seats with wings! What the future of airplane seats could look like

2019-12-10 11:45 - Marisa Crous
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Flying is safer than ever, and more people are boarding flights and travelling as it has become more and more accessible to the masses with budget flights and extended route offerings. 

Yet, sleeping on a plane is still a massive bugbear for many passengers. Earlier this year 38% of our Twitter audience said that they never sleep on a plane, whereas others responded that they rely on sleeping pills or wine to get some shut-eye when flying. 

And despite turbulence and the crying baby sitting in the seat next to you, it's mainly the seat that we find hampers us from getting comfortable enough to sleep. So what does the future of economy airplane seats look like? Will it expand in centimetres? Most likely not. Will it recline fully? Don't bet on it. But, like Red Bull it might just have wings. 

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London-based design company, Universal Movement has designed an airplane seat called 'Interspace'. These futuristic-looking seats offer passengers more privacy than ever as it features padded wings that fold out from both sides of the seat back, making for a great place to rest your head on a long-haul flight.

No more rolling up your hoodie for a makeshift pillow!

Debuted last week at Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit 2019, according to CNN, the design was received very well: 

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That is premium indeed. 

And earlier this year, we saw the introduction of a couch-style seat available in some Airbus Business Class offerings, which was shown at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 (AIX) in Hamburg. Basically, three economy seats merged: 

We are so here for that airplane couch! 

Now lets go feed our local airline seats some Red Bulls - we also want our seats to have wings! 

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