If you're thinking of getting a full-body tattoo, maybe you should head to Japan for the best of the best.

A land of compelling contrasts, where old-world traditions and ancient shrines comfortably sit alongside futuristic experiences and...

It's literally the most beautiful time of year in Japan, and we wish we were there.

This museum is geared towards all things related to poop. We kid you not.

Few can deny that there are some odd places that can be found in Japan - a country that seems to revel in its strangeness.

One of Tokyo's most crowded subway lines is hoping the way to reach their customers' hearts is through their stomachs, and offering...

Discover the traditional culture of Japan when you traverse its roads through rice paddies, thick forests and towering mountains.

In Japan, they're so advanced that the robot workers that replaced the human workers are already getting retrenched.