Neck pillow? Wine? What 28% of people say they do to sleep on a plane

2019-08-20 12:00 - Marisa Crous
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Sleeping on a plane is a Sisyphean task for most. Those who have mastered the art of finding comfort and achieving voluntary unconsciousness at 40 000 feet - while sitting in dry air, a 43cm wide seat for 11 hours, and experiencing turbulence - are superhumans in my opinion. 

VICE notes that some people can't sleep because they put too much pressure on themselves to fall asleep, while others just respond more amicably to the white noise of the plane engine. 

As a veteran insomniac passenger, I have tried everything: wine, a neck pillow, having an entire row to myself, even Business Class. Still, I usually get about 15 minutes of sleep on average.

A travel pillow makes me feel like I was in a headlock, wine makes me paranoid, an entire row is still not wide enough, and as for Business Class, well, the one time I did get to fly it, I didn't sleep because bottomless champagne...#noregrets

Many travellers swear by melatonin, the supplements that promise sound, natural sleep. I haven't tried it out of fear that it might induce sleep crime.    

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Luckily, when I saw the results of a Twitter poll we ran asking you what you do to sleep in the sky, I felt less alone:  

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Most of you said you don't sleep. However, a 52% of you said you rely on a neck pillow (23%) or alcohol (28%) to dose off. 

The best neck pillow in the world is apparently the OstrichPillow, which was developed back in 2012, but is now on everyone's lips.  It looks like an oven mitt, but works as a sleep-on-the-go device. I swear, you can sleep in snow with this thing.

The company has many different designs, but the most airplane-friendly design seems to be the 'OSTRICH PILLOW MINI Travel Pillow for Airplane Head Support'. You can buy it on Amazon, for relatively inexpensive (well, cheaper than a Business Class ticket, anyways). 

We are so trying it next time we fly. 

Either that or we are training ourselves to love white noise. 

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