Spring has sprung in the Maluti Mountains and frosted flakes have peppered the landscape in a blanked of snow.

Situated 3050m above sea level in Lesotho is a whole new world to be discovered, Afriski Mountain Resort.

The ups and downs of crossing a border you almost-arrogantly disregarded as a real border.

The roads to Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho were closed today to 2x4 vehicles as snow peppered down yesterday.

A showcase of varying perspectives of this incredible part of Southern Africa, that has become a massive driving force for travel...

There’s more to Lesotho than just Sani Pass, writes Anje Rautenbach.

Afriski Mountain Resort, the only ski destination in Lesotho, just hosted a Winter Whip competition and it looks like awesome fun. ...

You'll be falling down alongside a 204-meter-high waterfall, right in the heart of Lesotho.

South Africa and Lesotho share a natural playground for adventurers.