Berlin's most famous sex club could be closing its doors

2019-12-09 18:45
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Berlin is Europe's capital of clubbing and parties, the birthplace of techno and where extreme alternative lifestyles can flourish out in the open.

It's such an important part of the city that the government has stepped in to prevent the potential shutdown of the famed KitKatClub due to developers eyeing the prime location, reports Deutsche Welle. 

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The landlords want to turn the fiendish nightclub into luxury apartments, and have turned down attempts by its owners to buy the property outright with investor money. 

The KitKatClub was opened in 1994 by an Austrian pornographic filmmaker and his life partner, offering a safe space where people can let their freak flag fly, including public sex - as long as there's enthusiastic consent. It has a strict dress code of kinky outfits alongside high glamour - leather flourishes here. 

It has moved four times since its opening, and its current home has helped create a budding club landscape due to its proximity to two other major club stalwarts - Berghain and Tresor. Its neighbour who shares the property - Sage - is also under threat, as both clubs' leases are ending in June 2020 with no signs of renewal.

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These two aren't the only ones struggling - according to the surprisingly conservative government, Berlin's club scene is slowly dying due to gentrification. Their biggest concern for the scene stems from its tourism appeal - according to The Guardian one in three tourists visit the German capital for clubbing, generating billions of euros a year. 

Clubcommission - which represents the nightlife establishments - also told The Guardian that construction and development have closed many clubs, threatening this special spirit of Berlin.

“Clubs can only stand this up to a certain point because otherwise they can’t finance big bookings and are in danger of becoming mainstream clubs where only hits are played. No one comes to Berlin for chart music or table service,” said Clumcomission's spokesman Lutz Leichsenring.

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If you want to see the best of Berlin's nightlife, here are five of the top clubs in the capital.


This club is almost considered holy in the city - and you might not even be able to get inside this abandoned power plant. You have to play it uber-cool to get in, and hide your excitement to the bouncers - they don't like eager beavers.

Kater Blau

With multiple dance floors on the riverside, Kater Blau is a hotspot for summer where all things electronic come to rave.


This place is less of a club than a step into another dimension - it has its own beach and pizza joint, nestled in the secret depths of an old dog food factory.

Salon Zur Wilden Renate

Want to get lost in the early hours of the morning? This crazy place has its own labyrinth you can wander around while listening to music that doesn't feel like it was created by humans.


One of the 'father' clubs of Berlin, Tresor has been around for 30 years and has since moved from a vault in a department store to another abandoned power plant.

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