Doggie best friend stayed by baby giraffe’s side in his last moments

2019-12-06 10:53
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A few weeks ago the internet's hearts melted when they met Jazz - a baby giraffe abandoned by his mother - and Hunter - the guard dog who became very attached to the foundling, rarely leaving his side.

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Unfortunately, The Rhino Orphanage who had been taking care of Jazz announced on Friday that Jazz had passed away due to either a genetic defect or under-developed valve system. This meant that he couldn't regulate blood pressure to his brain, which led to bleeding between his ventricles. 

"The last two days before we lost him, Jazz started looking unstable on his legs and very dull, almost like he wasn't registering everything," writes the orphanage on a Facebook post.

"He suddenly collapsed and we could see blood starting to pool back into his eyes. Jazzie's heart rate dropped and he showed neurological systems. His friend Hunter knew something was wrong as he suddenly stayed by the giraffe's side again not going outside. Jazz took his last breath with Hunter and all his human mommies by his side.

"So we finally know that Jazz didn't have a bad giraffe mother that left him, she just knew. As proven to us so many times before, nature's mother's know. But we still have to try every single time no matter how hard it is."RIP Jazz the Giraffe. You have taught us so much in the last three weeks and we will remember you fondly."

And how's Hunter taking all this? After staying until the last breath, he stayed in front of Jazz's empty room for a bit before returning to his carers.

He has been eating and playing with his brother again, and will soon resume his training to be a tracking dog.

Such a good boy!

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