A mother hyena was staving off the advances of a pack of wild dogs in order to protect her pups.

Gentle giant or hungry for a kill? A hippo, a few wild dogs and a baby kudu.

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on 3 March by the United Nation each year - in honour of the many beautiful and varied forms of...

In the history of the animal kingdom, there is an idea that only the lionesses hunt. This isn't so true.

Early this morning Richard Gill shared an incredible wildlife sighting on Facebook.

A baby elephant and its relatives are taking their sweet time getting up after being awakened by the matriarch of the family.

The predator – which looks like it’s in dire need of a meal – was asleep when a buffalo charged at it and flipped it into the air...

16 February is World Pangolin Day and World Whale Day - two animals that need a lot of love these days because humans are trash....

SanParks issued a release today confirming that a female elephant is roaming the Knysna forest solo.

We all know that honey badgers think they are the boss of the bush. (Not for sensitive viewers)

Pet a cub, kill a lion - this is the firm message behind the new YouthForLions awareness clip.

Africa’s version of Uber? This giraffe gave some lions a lift to the other side of the road.

A naughty male lion sneaked up on a lioness while she was dozing in the road, and she wasn't too impressed about the interruption.

A buffalo taking on a pride of lions to save a lost baby elephant.

Palala Boutique Game Lodge and Spa in Limpopo is a 4-hour drive from Johannesburg, nestled near the Botswana border.

Being a wildlife monitor, Sam Vorster gets to spend a lot of time amongst animals. That said, Sam has had two close calls with...