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2016-07-14 15:30 - Ra-ees Moerat
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The option of skiing is somewhat of a far-fetched activity for most first time South African travellers. I mean, it's only a select few who can afford a trip to the Alps... 

But it doesn't have to be a foreign concept, especially since SA has its very own ski facility, Tiffindell Ski Resort, as well as AfriSki Mountain Resort across the border in Lesotho.

Whether you're jetting off to the Alps or America, or staying in the south for a skiing extravaganza, Club Med's guidelines for skiing will definitely have you appear as a professional skier!

Before getting into the whole skiing concept, here’s a useful travel myth buster:

DIY travellers (travellers who do everything themselves, from flight bookings to organising their own accommodation) argue that doing everything yourself is a lot cheaper. This is not true. Working through a travel agent and purchasing travel packages works out cheaper, because you won’t end up paying separately for everything. 

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The essentials to pack

Before any trip, ask yourself what you should pack for this specific trip? Remember, you need provide for the time spent off-site too.

- Warm, thick waterproof trousers 
- Definitely a snow jacket
- Thermal underwear
- A jersey or fleece top
- Warm gloves
- Ski boots
- A warm beanie 
- A warm scarf
- A thick pair of socks

It is important that you try to get most of the above-mentioned items in ‘waterproof’ form. The last thing you want is to feel like a cold, soaked potato on your ski trip.

So, what can you generally expect at a basic ski facility?

At most skiing resorts, like Tiffindell, AfriSki and Club Med's resorts abroad, you’ll have the option to have a professional ski instructor to give you a run-through on the technicalities of the sport.

These guys will also make you aware of the best routes and slopes to explore as a beginner. Moreover, most ski holiday facilities provide the necessary ski equipment for hire, so you won’t have to declare too much luggage at customs.     

In natural ski regions (this is mostly abroad), you can expect snowfall over a period of a few days, followed by clear weather over a few days. However, the ‘clear weather’ is no indication for you to unpack that floral bikini…it really doesn’t get that warm.  

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