WATCH: Are you packing correctly? 7 tips to help you avoid overpacking

2018-11-07 18:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Ah the age old battle of packing for a holiday and the love-hate relationship that festers between us and our belongings in the burgeoning final moments before departure is one we're all too familiar with.

As we're rushing to grab every this, that or the other type of pants, shirts or jackets the lingering cloud of packing stress hovers above our heads raining down the doubt that maybe we're packing too much and yet still too little.

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Well, avoid the stress and wave away those pesky clouds with these nifty tips and tricks on how to pack smartly and still have all you need:

  • Roll em up - rolling your clothes into little tube-like perfection will save you quite a bit of space. 
  • Pad yourself up for the travel war - I know you might like to travel light and not wear a hefty coat when hitching a flight, but wearing your bulkiest or heaviest clothing items or pair of shoes on your flight will ensure that they don't consume all of the space offered in your luggage.
  • List it out - writing down your essentials and ticking them off as you go along helps you avoid tossing anything unnecessary in your bag while forgetting anything vital. You can list things like toiletry essentials to the cardinally important passport and travel docs you ought not to forget. 

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  • Capsule packing is key - making sure that everything you pack matches or can be mixed and matched with each other is important. That way you won't need several pairs of jeans, scarfs, shoes and hats if they can be mixed and matched with a handful of clothing items.
  • Pack layers - if you're going somewhere with unpredictable weather patterns, ensuring you have one item per layer (a vest, jumper, jacket etc.) you'll be able to stack up if it's cold or peel off a layer or two for warmer weather conditions.
  • Bag wisely - when buying a suitcase or bag, keep in mind weight and size restrictions for airlines and choose one that won't set you back at an airport terminal as consequence of being naturally heavy itself, with little interior space and stretching beyond the allowed measurements.

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  • Don't over-worry - I know, this seems like a tough pill to swallow, but sometime we tend to over-worry about things and stress the small stuff. It's important to know that certain  things that are not necessarily urgent to take along right now (like a bath sponge or sunscreen) can be bought at your destination. 
  • Remember to have fun - you're going on an exciting trip, get pumped and take it in its stride.

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