WATCH: 9 Natural ways to beat jet lag for good

2016-09-15 18:00
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Cape Town - Until recently, many believed that feeling dreadful after a long-haul flight is the result of simple travel fatigue and the stress of making a long trip.

But no! Studies have shown that jet lag is in fact the body’s natural response to the unnatural process of travelling across time zones in a short period. Our circadian rhythm – the same internal clock mechanism that tells birds when to sing – is knocked out of sync by our irregular exposure to daylight.

Just as birds have been shown to adapt to the artificial conditions of city life, humans are able to cope better with jet lag if we work smartly with our surroundings. 

The key is to control our sleep by hacking the system that regulates it: spending the day outside on arrival is a great way to force our body to acknowledge the new time zone, as exposure to the sun communicates the change in conditions to our body clock.

For a host of other natural ways to ease your body into its new surroundings, check out this new guide from Expedia for natural jet lag-busting techniques to ease your mind, body and soul into your vacation.

9 natural ways to cure jet lag [Infographic] by the team at

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