Uber scooter? Getting around on bike (and even on boat) with the taxi app when travelling abroad

2018-10-07 10:30 - Marisa Crous
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Vietnam UberMOTO. (PHOTO: Getty)

Earlier this year UberCHOPPER offered South Africans the chance to literally hail a helicopter; hitching a ride and making the ultimate entrance to the Durban July event. 

Helicoptering around a city like Dubai is also an option with the app, but since some of have things like budgets and rent to consider, we might rather pick these alternative services when travelling abroad: 

By scooter

Ever thought you'd be calling an Uber bike instead of a car? It's a very real possibility when travelling around countries like India, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

UberMoto was introduced as a pilot project in March 2016 in Bengaluru, India says Inc 42. It is now available in many cities around India and this service has since been extended to other cities around South East Asia like Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh. 

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How it works

Like you would hail an Uber car on the app, you would just choose the UberMOTO option, which comes in the form of a convenient motorcycle ride.

(Driver included, don't worry).

At the push of a button, through the Uber app, riders receive the driver and bike details just as they do for other Uber rides, as well as all standard safety features before, during and after the ride including GPS tracking, two-way feedback and the ability to share trip details with family and friends.

By boat

UberBOAT is another offering by the app that allows customers to island-hop in style. Offering this service during busier summer months, getting to some coastal destination with just a few taps on your phone can now be done. Currently offered in Croatian destinations like Split, Dubrovnik and nearby islands for up to 8 people, boating with Uber is a service that's also now being rolled out to other destinations like Kyiv in the Ukraine. 

Also know...

  • In Athens you can use the Uber Taxi service, which is basically a ride with local meter-taxis as it is linked with the Uber app. You can opt to pay cash or have your ride fee deducted from your linked card as normal. 
  • Countries like Taiwan, Denmark and Hungary have completely banned the Uber app. So be sure to check whether the country you're visiting allows the use of the app.
  • The MyTaxi app is also hugely popular in Europe, especially in Germany with over 40 cities using it. It works a lot like Uber, offering a big variety of car options, from luxe to basic meter-taxis. You can also use it in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, and Washington D.C in the US. 

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