Travelstart partners with Uber for half-price airport transfers

2017-05-25 12:35 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Cape Town - Since the take-off of disruptive travel consumer models like Uber and Airbnb, conventional travel providers have been stressing about the impact these industries will have on 'business as usual'. 

And it's a warranted concern. Airlines who typically partner with car rental companies have lost most of their competitive edge with Uber on the scene, as the model offers some of the cheapest and most convenient airport transfer options. 

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Travelstart, however, says they see Uber's arrival as an opportunity for collaboration - but only recently. "Could it really have taken us this long to realise a solution that has been glaring us in the face for all this time?" they ask, announcing that the platform will now be partnering with Uber for a simple travel solution. 

Going forward, Travelstart and Uber will be combining forces to offer travellers a discounted airport transfer rate and an all-in-one booking experience. 

How it works 

Passengers booking flights with Travelstart will qualify to get 50% off their next two Uber rides either to or from the airport. 

After completing a booking, Travelstart will send travellers an SMS with the promo code within 24 hours. 

When you enter the promo code into the Uber app at the airport, the 50% booking fee will apply. 

The service is available to all Travelstart’s customers travelling to or from five of the major airports in South Africa - either Cape Town International Airport, OR Tambo International Airport, Lanseria International Airport, Port Elizabeth International Airport and King Shaka International Airport. 

NOTE: The voucher will only be valid when customers book their flight more than one day before departure.

Uber vouchers are only valid per booking and not per person. A group booking of four people, for example, will only receive one Uber voucher and not four individual vouchers. 

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