Top 5 visa-free destinations for South African adventurers

2016-02-14 20:30 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - It's always summer somewhere in the world. When it's cold and blue, we can just imagine the waters in Fiji calling our names or the lush forests in Malaysia beckoning us to come and explore. 

While travel for South Africans may be pricey in 2016 - there are still many ways to save  and travel smartly, affordably and visa-free. 

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Out of all the passports in the world - travellers may frown upon having a South African one, but our little green mamba was ranked 44 out of 199 passports across the world, according to Passport Index, and travellers can still enjoy access to 84 countries visa free. 

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If you would like some extra inspiration to pack your bags and go - check out this top five list of visa-free destinations that Traveller24 has put together with a little help from Cheap Flights.

The ultimate Carribean escape for any beach-loving soul - Jamaica is way more than Bob Marley and dreadlocks. Make it your plan to go off the grid and away from the touristy areas.

If you love adrenaline rushes and secret little hideaways - try their jungle river tubing, abseiling adventures and a perhaps a skinny dip at Blue Lagoon - where the Blue Lagoon movie was filmed and possibly the most beautiful spot in Jamaica. 

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Malaysia is home to kilometres and kilometres of wildlife as well as well as exciting big city lights and activities. For the avid adventurer, the overgrown mountains and forests are really breathtaking. Slackpack it and explore the Batu Caves - a monkey-filled limestone cavern and a Hindu temple.

To get to the temple and monkeys you have to climb 272 stairs, The monkeys are also known to pickpocket when they're in the mood, explains Atlas Obscura. The Boh Tea Plantation in the Cameron Highlands is also an impressive sight to behold as well as the Pinnacles of Gunung Mulu in Marudi. 

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South Korea offers an Asian experience like no other. If you are keen for a good food experience, you may want to check out their night food markets in Jongno-gu or if you are a fan of museums and contemporary art - Seoul's street art and commercial galleries will blow you away, explains Lonely Planet

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Located about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand, the country of Fiji falls part of an archipelago of over 300 islands. If you would like to really get away from the rest of the world, go and get lost in Fiji. The maze of coral reefs and ocean ruins is a must see and the surf is not for sissies. 

Venture into the Mount Tomanivi, Fiji's highest mountain, for a hiking experience through a rainforest-like no other. When you get hungry -make sure to try out one of the many seafood restaurants or simply lie on the beach with a selection papaya and sweet mandarin. 

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Kenya is roughly a quick four-hour flight out of South Africa - a real must see experience every South African should make. One of the most beautiful things to experience in Kenya is the Masai Mara wildlife. Travellers should definitely visit the lions, wildebeest and zebra on the Mara, try to count the thousands of pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park.

Once you've had enough sun inland, visit Mombasa National Park for an African scuba diving experience and then head to Fort Jesus which was built in 1593 to protect the Portuguese's trade route to India. 

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