These hotel room hacks are so obvious but they will change your travel game forever

2019-10-15 18:45
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It is easy to think staying at a hotel is luxurious, and without any issues, but if you have travelled long enough you will know that the latter is far from the truth.

Like need to sleep when its daylight, hello jet-lag. Or perhaps the curtains just don't join together allowing that one trickle of sunlight to be annoying enough to keep you out of sleep.

For Rick Klau, a senior operating partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures), the trick of using a hanger to clip together light-leaking curtains has been life-changing. He took to twitter to share just how it has changed his hotel stay game forever.

But what Klau did not expect from his one tweet, was for it to unleash an avalanche of travel hacks. His post resulted in more than 1 600 replies, mostly addressing hotel-specific issues - all going a long way in ensuring any irritation you might have is well and truly sorted. 

Don't believe us? Here are some of the best tips they offered:

Use the shower steam to remove creases from your shirt

You might be a pro at packing but nothing you do will stop your clothes from wrinkling. If for whatever reason your hotel does not have a iron or you are just too lazy to ask for one, here is a hack for you:

Block blinking lights with electrical tape

It is really great when you find a hairdryer in your hotel room because who wants to walk around with wet hair? But some electronics can drive you up the wall especially if they are keeping you up at night like blinking lights, the trick? Electrical tape.

Combat dry air with a wet towel

Air-conditioning can help with the heat at night or it can leave you with frizzy hair and dry lips if it is too intense. Nobody really travels with a humidifier so here is a hack that will save the condition of your skin: soak a wet towel with water, wring it tightly and ensure that no water is dripping. Hang it over an ironing board in front of your room’s vent or heater.

Score free phone chargers at the front desk

Forgetting your charger when you are halfway across the world is a nightmare but you do not have to buy a new one, this tweep shares how you can score a device at the front desk-politely ask the hotel staff is any chargers have been turned into the lost and found, if you are lucky they will have a box full and you would have saved a few coins.

There are a lot of mixed feelings about hotel room temperature, for those of you that find it too limiting there is help for you. Jillian Hurley shared a LifeHacker story about how you can adjust the settings to the temperature that is just right for you.

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Avoid remote control germs

There are different people that sleep in the same room you slept in, if this thought sends shivers down your spine then you might be a germophobe but rest assured you do not have to put your bare hands on some of the common items in a hotel, here is how:

Carry one travel adapter and an extension lead

Are you tired of choosing between charging your phone or laptop like you do not need them both. Carrying one adapter and an extension lead will help you plug in all your devices and then some. This trick works best for countries that use 240V like in South Africa.

Use an ironing board as a desk

It is not always easing getting any work done on your hotel desk aometimes it seems like working on top of the bed is better, Twitter user explains why that should not be a problem anymore in their hotel room hack tweet.

Not all of these hacks will work but they are worth a try.

Bonus hacks:

  • Use a towel under the door to drain out loud noises
  • If you do not have a speaker, drop your phone into a cup to enhance sound
  • AVOID the hotel mini bar, it will save you a lot of money, thank us later

*Compiled by Thutolore Tsatsane

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