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2019-01-17 06:30 - Marisa Crous
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Recently, the ENTERTAINER South Africa 2019 app launched and suddenly, as if by magic, it was on everyone's lips. 

It used to come in the form of a door stop - a book so thick it could be used on the beach to nail your umbrella deep into the sand. Now,  the ENTERTAINER is a slick app offering legit deals on food, beauty, lifestyle, travel and more. 

Whether it's delectable baked goods at Knead, stays at the Marriot Crystal Towers in Cape Town or discounts on sightseeing tours in Cambodia, it offers a variety of Buy One Get One Free deals and other discounts.  

It currently retails at R395.

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And FNB clients get it for free. FNB says in just two weeks after the start of its partnership with the ENTERTAINER, over 60 000 FNB and RMB Private Bank customers have registered for the value-added service with more than 10 000 deals redeemed to date.

That settles the HOW TO GET IT bit. 

How does it work? 

The best deal? 


No seriously. The app claims you 'save' money on a lot of their deals. However, it also temps you into spending money on eating out and doing activities you might not have normally your money invested in. 

The international travel deals are, therefore the best value as these are normally less impulsive expenses. Book your trip like normal, but get great discounts off stays, meals and attractions as you travel.

Available in cities like Athens and Bali, all you need to do is buy the app for that city. Here is a list of cities and places where the app is valid.  

It is ideal for pairs travelling together, as it offers a lot of 2 for 1 deals on accommodation and meals. Or, if you are like me, go solo and enjoy a dinner for 2 for 1. Carpe diem!

I'm heading to Athens in June with a friend and will most definitely be using this app. 

In fact, we've already spotted this dinner deal:  

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Really great for South Africans when travelling to countries using Euros...

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Discounts are offered with up to 60% off and exclusive rates at over 550 000 hotels and attractions worldwide.

So after getting a great deal on your stay, you can also use the app to get discounts on attractions when, say, you are travelling through Siem Reap in Cambodia

We are also massive Foursquare, Citymapper, Wi-Fi Map and Trippo app fans when travelling. Read more here on travel app essentials for your next trip. 

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