Subtract travel stress from your life with these nifty travelling calculators

2019-01-21 06:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Half your stress by using these online travel calculators. (Photo: iStock)

Have you ever prepped for a trip and struggled to calculate all of the travel variables you need to know?

Your clothing amounts, time and distance details as well as your pesky budget can be headaches waiting to happen when trying to work out how to balance them all.

What if I told you there were calculators just sitting online waiting to assist you with these nightmarish tasks...

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Check them out below:


Are you someone who struggles to know when enough is enough regarding your packing habits?

Well, Wayfairer has a calculator designed to help you measure how much is enough to meet your baggage weight limit.

All you have to do is select the airline you're flying with to see what their weight restriction is and leisurely add in the items you wish to take to see if you meet it, exceed it, or even have spare space for you return.


Not sure how best to budget for your trip? 

Travelex wants to help with their nifty online calculator tool.

The process is simple - you select your destination, the amount of travellers, the length of your stay and how extravagant or money-wise you wish to be and it calculates how much you'd need to budget for to survive the journey.

Travelling Time

Not sure how long your travel might take and want to know how effectively you ought to prep for your trek?

You might then want to give Time and Date's Travel Time calculator.

All it requires is your departure and arrival dates and the rest is history - or future - time is a construct.


Distance Calculator allows you to, well, calculate your travelling distance around South Africa.

It has two features - one which looks at distance by road and another that looks at distance by air travel.

Alternatively, you could use Google Maps to do the same.

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