South Africans can visit these affordable places off season and save as much as 40%

2019-08-15 05:36 - Selene Brophy
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If you've been feeling the pinch lately, leaving yourself to believe a holiday is just out of the question this year - we may have the travel advice you've been looking for. 

It's one thing to be constantly on the hunt for a good-value deal or bargain - but sometimes off-peak seasons are filled with budget-holiday gifts you and you travel crew just won't be able to ignore. 

Did you know that if you South Africans can visit these affordable places off season and save as much as 40%. An when exactly is this affordability window?

It's the shoulder period just after the September school holidays and just before the summer mid-December mayhem. 

We've already ascertained that flights booked for travel at the beginning of December can present a considerable saving - These are the cheapest months to fly to these African islands from SA

This time we got in touch with newly launched online travel service, TravelCheck to get a quick comparison on school holidays pricing vs November pricing. 

"Winter is almost finished and prices of airfares are much more expensive when you book closer to the time. For Travel in Out of season you can save up to 40% if you book now," says Odette Faling, TravelCheck CEO.

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The following results show a saving of between 23% to 41% - depending on where you choose to visit, the following destinations are affordable options according to the search conducted by TravelCheck, take a look: 

  • Return flights to Lisbon: R13 400 vs R9 078 save 33%

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  • Return flights to Mumbai: R9 700 vs R4 999 Save 40%

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  • Return flights to Istanbul: R 14 224 vs R8 516 Save 41%

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  • Return flights to TelAviv: R6 844 vs R5 300 Save 23%

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*Estimate pricing correct at the time of publishing. 

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