SANParks adds new day visitor pre-booking to online

2016-03-01 11:30 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town -  If you've ever visited the Kruger National Park over a busy holiday period, you'll know that for day visitors the queues can be pretty long and tiring - however South African National Parks (SANParks) has announced it is including a new feature in its online bookings portal, allowing pre-booking for day visitors.

In December SANParks introduced advanced day visitor bookings, but this could only be done for the Kruger National Park, by contacting the Reservations office.

This new function will enable online users to pre-book their day visitor park permits in a variety of time slots and for several days at a time.

Guests are able to book a permit/permits online for a specific time slots - check the online booking portal here:

- Entry from gate opening time (depending on the season) to two hours after the gate has opened.

- Two to four hours from the gate opening time.

- Four plus hours from the gate opening time.

What you need to know:

Day visitor bookings are subject to a non-refundable booking fee of R36 per adult and R18 per child. 

Day Visitors who have booked are still required to pay Conservations Fees or use their Wild Cards to enter the park. 

In order to make the admission process flow on busy days - SANParks asks day visitors to pay for Conservations Fees in advance or make sure they have Wild Card memberships. 

Acting Head of Communications Reynold Thakhuli said "latest addition to SANPark's ever-evolving world of online bookings will alleviate waiting in the queue at park gates and ensure that guests will not be impacted or inconvenienced by the gate permit quotas”. 

If you plan on visiting over the Easter school holiday period, keep in mind Gate Quotas will be applied and unbooked guests could possibly be refused admission.