Map: All SA’s official points of entry + contact details

2016-04-06 20:30 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - Whether you're travelling by boat, car or plane, when you enter or exit South African you will have to pass through official ports of entry if you want to keep it legal. 

Any person who wishes to enter into or depart from the country, can only do so at a designated port of entry and should be in possession of a valid passport and/or visa, SA immigration law states.

In 2015, the most recent Tourism report by the Department of Home Affairs found, a total of 39 573 000 people, South Africans and foreign nationals, migrated through the country's ports. 

South Africa is surrounded by coastline of 2 500km, which explain why there are eight harbours in the country. Other than maritime travel, SA has 10 International Airports and 54 border control point for travellers on land. 

A comprehensive map issued by the Department of Home Affair in the latest Tourism update for 2015, show these ports of entry and exit. 

According to the 2015 Tourism data, most travellers using the land-based ports of entry originate from SADC countries, including Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia. 

Most South African travellers visiting these aforementioned SADC countries also do so by land, often trekking thousands of kilometres with camper vans and 4x4 trailers to explore places like the Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta and Caprivi strip. 

A total of 3 354 855 South Africans departed the country in 2015 by road, the DHA says. The largest presentage of these travellers, 30,1%, travelled to Lesotho, situated within South Africa. 

If you're planning a road trip to a SADC country this year, you should keep in mind the various ports of entry you might have to travel through. Here is the DHA's comprehensive list of SA's land-based ports of entry. 







Recently, African travellers coming into South African via air travel have increased, SA verification service Grant Thornton found. 

Despite this decline in overall African visitors to the country in 2015, Cape Town International Airport saw a 14.4% increase in African air arrivals

The international airports of entry in South Africa are: 

The international harbour ports of entry are: 

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