Major SA bank just upped its App game with rewards-enhanced travel bookings

2018-05-17 06:29 - Selene Brophy
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FNB has announced a whole host of new customer-centric digital solutions, including a new travel offering that intends to establish its banking app as a seamless platform that helps its customers do life better.

In a first for South Africa, consumers and businesses will now be able to open an account with FNB in minutes by simply taking a selfie through the FNB App. Not just limited to the digital native millennial but the selfie banking application is available for small business owners too, albeit only single signatories at present.

Context and platform disruption are the name of the game for one of South Africa’s main banks, which claims that 1 out of three cards being swiped across SA currently is an FNB card.

The Bank is also well-aware of all the data at their disposal but with the intention of using it to improve its offering to its clients, all the while retaining "trust and value proposition – with the highest level of legal architecture in place", it says.

How exactly does the process work?

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The fin-tech development is hinged on integration with already secure systems such as the Department of Home Affairs – which has been piloting biometric passport and ID applications at various banks across SA – FNB included.

Similarly, the DHA on Wednesday, 16 May confirmed its new Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) will replace the Home Affairs National Identity System (HANIS) which is "manually operated and outdated". 

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So what can FNB Banking travellers expect?

Additional innovations include the launch of eBucks Travel on the FNB App, which incorporates this fully-fledged travel offering, across some 200 service-providers. 

eBucks Travel functionality speaks directly to FNB customers’ travel needs, says eBucks CEO Johan Moolman. Currently available via on Mobile or Desktop, FNB Online Banking and will soon be coming to the FNB App at the end of July, says Moolman. 

From booking a flight, hiring a car to airport transfers with Avis P2P and access to the Slow Lounge, FNB customers enjoy convenience, peace of mind and so much more.

  • Navigate with Ease - Compare flights across multiple airlines and pay using eBucks, your FNB Card or a combination of both.
  • Enjoy Convenience – Create profiles for friends and family you often travel with and never have to enter their details again. Main members can book discounted flights for family without having to travel with them
  • An FNB customer registered with the eBucks Rewards Programme can get up to 40% discounts on periodically alternating flights on both local and international airlines.
  • Experience Peace of Mind - Make seamless, secure payments without the need to enter card details or a one-time pin (OTP) through FNB Pay on the FNB Banking App, minimising the risk of phishing and offering yet another trusted way to make online payments.

Other new innovations added included:

  • Immediate digital setup

Customers who switch banks through the selfie facial verification system on the App will also be able to order and schedule courier delivery of new bank cards, switch debit orders, and setup digital banking immediately.

  •  Nav>> Money

 Customers can access an updated view of their financial health based on three simple views;

 - Track my spend – this feature lets consumers know whether they are spending more than they are earning and provides spends tips to manage their cash flow better

- My available funds – lets consumers know what's left to save and spend after all known upcoming payments. We take all your scheduled payments and debit orders into consideration. And if you are experiencing a shortfall, you can access other funds available like eBucks, savings, and credit – all in one useful place.

- My credit status – FNB assess various data, including internal information and credit bureau info, to rate a customer’s credit fitness across seven helpful indicators. Know exactly what you’re doing right, and where you could improve, with personalized tips on late payments, credit limit usage, your track record and more.

  • FNB Offers

eBucks Rewards is also expected to launch FNB Offers, an instant rewards programme designed to instantly offer redeemable eBucks or discounted partner vouchers to clients for performing every day banking tasks.