Last minute budget holiday? You can now buy unused travel bookings for less

2019-01-09 14:00 - Marisa Crous
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Save money, the environment and get a great budget holiday out of it! Keen? Yes. 

Ever wondered what happens to unused holiday bookings like flights or hotel reservations? So much money lost each year globally, plus empty plane seats equal waste in terms of carbon footprint. 

Luckily, there is a new start-up that's filling this much-needed waste gap in tourism - offering the perfect opportunity to travel for less.  

SpareFare is an online platform connecting people who have bought a flight ticket or a hotel reservation but cannot use it anymore, usually because of personal circumstances. 

Trekksoft Travel Trends Report 2019 also recently said this is a new travel trend we'll see emerging this year. People are interested in streamlining travel processes, eliminating waste and finding sustainable solutions for travel problems like this. 

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Plus, you can save on trips if you're willing to go on a trip, last minute, as SpareFare sells unused bookings at discounted rates.

Business Travel IQ interviewed the CEO, Galena Stavreva who said this is also a safe and hassle-free way for people who've bought tickets and can no longer use them to get their money back - either partially or in full. But the tickets must be transferable reservations.

"For us, the concept of SpareFare makes perfect sense: someone with non-refundable airline tickets or hotel reservation will get a partial refund for them. And someone else will buy those unused plane tickets at second-hand prices! This will also reduce the number of empty seats on planes, and obviate the purchase of a yet another seat, so the environment benefits, too! (Not to mention that airlines are going to make extra money per seat through change fees.)It is a win-win-win-win situation!," says the SpareFare website. 

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Here is a list of airlines that offer transferable tickets. FlySafair is one of them as it allows you to transfer your flight ticket to somebody else via a name change fee of R300 per person per booking. You can only make a name change before the outbound flight and it applies to the entire trip. 

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