INFOGRAPHIC: How SA's paid leave days compare to the rest of the world

2019-11-06 04:50 - Gabi Zietsman
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Leave is an incredibly precious commodity in anyone's career - it prevents burnouts, helps families spend time together and stimulates the economy through tourism.

But not all leave is created equal - while in South Africa we have guaranteed minimum leave of 15 days per year plus our various glorious public holidays, other countries either have more or way less paid leave protected by the government.

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One of the worst places when it comes to leave is a first world country - the US has no minimum paid vacation days, leaving it up to employers to determine what they are willing to offer their employees as 'extra benefits'.

On the other side of the spectrum, many companies like Investec are trialling unlimited leave for their employees to see if it would improve productivity. Kuwait has one of the most leave days, including public holidays, with a total of 48 days of leave for a five-day workweek.

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And not everyone even takes their full number of leave days! A study by IPSOS showed that last year, 57% of South Africans disagreed with the statement that they will spend at least one week away from home on holiday. While 35% admitted to checking work emails and messages while on holiday. And only 50% of respondents agreed that they use up all their annual leave days.  

So remember to check our leave days and start planning!

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See how South Africa's leave days compares to the rest of the world.

Please note: The data was taken from 'List of minimum annual leave by country' from Wikipedia which normalised every country's leave to a five-day workweek.

infographic detailing leave around the world