INFOGRAPHIC: Drinking and driving this festive season - how much is too much?

2018-11-10 14:30 - Saara mowlana
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Happy friends partying on the rooftop with drinks

Be safe this festive season and drink responsibly. (Photo: iStock)

Festive time is nearing along with an undeniable pending spike in drinking and, consequently, a spike in road accidents. 

Now, we get it, it's the festive time and after a stressful or successful year you wish to let loose and soak up some booze at social gatherings with your carefully selected group of palatable to likeable people.

But, there is always the looming risk of drunk driving, which puts other drivers, pedestrians and yourself in imminent danger. 

Not to forget the risk posed of being caught with high alcohol levels while cruising the highway and getting tossed in jail for a lengthy six years. 

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And since we want you to always arrive alive and stay scot free of jail time dampening your permanent record - we're sharing some of Avis's top tips on safe drinking and responsible transport decisions to heed this festive season:

How much is 'too much' and what are its real affects on driving?

According to Avis, you'll know you've reached your cap or have gone above the legal limit and should steer clear of the wheel when the following symptoms relate to you:
  • Co-ordination highly compromised, putting you at risk of having an accident, high levels of alcohol is a depressant making drivers drowsy.
  • Reaction times much slower, slurred speech, blurred vision.
  • Brain and nervous system affected, judgement and decision making impaired causing drivers to be more reckless and uninhibited.
  • Heart rate speeds up, blood vessels expand. After only 1 unit your chances of being in an accident are doubled, according to the Automobile Association. And after 2 units (when some might still be at the legal limit) you are four times more likely to be in an accident.

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So, how should you pace yourself?

Avis states that the rule of thumb is that you can have a maximum of one unit of alcohol per hour to avoid these symptoms - but even so, it is best to use a ride hailing service when you decide to get your drank on to be safe.  

Avis also put together a nifty infographic on all you need to know about the risks of drunk driving below: 

Avis drunk driving

(Photo: Avis / Supplied)

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Ride hailing services you can opt for:

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