How to save on fuel this holiday season

2018-10-24 06:30 - Marisa Crous
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Taking a road trip these upcoming holidays?

So many places to discover, near and far. From the Kalahari Red Dune Route to the Garden Route and beyond, South Africa has countless corners just waiting with bated breath to be discovered. And even, rediscovered. 

However, with around R17/litre for petrol, hitting the road is becoming increasingly difficult.

But there are some sneaky ways to save on petrol, and no, that doesn't mean staying home all summer. 

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Traffic apps

Find less congested routes using apps like Waze. It will change the way you travel, whether short or long-distance, and save you on petrol as stop-start type driving eats petrol for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


TIP: Also try to travel during off-peak hours to avoid the same exact scenario. 

Drive less 

Well, obviously. Try using public transport where you can, or try carpooling with others. No more "No I'll drive myself, meet you guys there." Nope. Get the squad all into one car (according to car safety regulations, of course).

This way you'll be helping out both your budget and the environment. 

Speeding is a no-no

Driving at a higher speed often means braking more harshly as you accelerate far quicker, according to Business Tech. This uses way more fuel. So try to keep things steady and leveled as you cruise along the coast. 

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Check your car

 - Trade in your fuel-guzzling car for a more eco-friendly model, says Business Tech. Initially this might cost you more, but think big picture, both saving on fuel and adding to a more sustainable environment = winning! 

 - Check if your tires are properly aligned. If not, it could a) be a hazard b) cause more resistance between the tires and the road, which leads to a higher consumption of fuel.  

 - Don't drive around lugging extra weight. Whether this is stuff inside your car, or a roof rack, the extras all add up to added fuel consumption. Similar to driving with windows open, it can create drag, which makes your car chow more fuel, says The Telegraph. 

EXCEPTION: But it's still better to drive with your windows open than to use Air-con, fuel-wise, says Business Insider

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